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$15.95, Cloth, $8.95, Paper, 456 pages, 1980

Social Power and Political Freedom, Gene Sharp


Table of Contents

Introduction by Senator Mark O. Hatfield



1. Rethinking Politics
2. Social Power and Political Freedom
    Seeking Controls Over Governments
    The Role of Diffused Loci of Power in the Control of Political Power
    Institutional Forms Secondary to the Actual Distribution of Power
    Control of Political Power as a Result of Internal Strength
    Implications of this Analysis for the Control of Political Power
    Political Sanctions and the Distribution of Effective Power
    The Need to Think
3. The Lesson of Eichmann. A review-Essay on Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem
4. Facing Dictatorships With Confidence
5. Civil Disobedience in a Democracy
6. Freedom and Revolution. A Review of Hannah Arendt's On Revolution
7. What is Required to Uproot Oppression? Strategic Problems of the South African Resistance
8. The Problem of Political Technique in Radical Politics
9. "The Political Equivalent of War"-Civilian-based Defense
    The Problem of War
    The Need for a Substitute
    Control of Political Power and Conduct of Open Struggle
    Civilian-based Defense Policy
    The Policy and the World Community
10. Seeking a Solution to the Problem of War
11. The Societal Imperative
12. Popular Empowerment
     Human Needs and the Distribution of Power
     Sanctions and Society
     Developing Strategies of Empowerment 

A. Doctrinal Responses to the Choice of Sanctions
B. Twenty Steps in Development and Evaluation of Nonviolent Sanctions
C. Skinner and Gandhi on Defeating Violence
D. Nonviolent Sanctions and Ethics
E. Education for Self-reliance
F. Economics and Technology
G. Recommendations for Course Usage
H. Origins of the Chapters
I. Copyright Acknowledgements



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