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$12.00, Paper, 352 pages, 1982

Workplace Democracy and Social Change
eds. F. Lindenfeld and J. Rothschild-Whitt 

Workplace Democracy and Social Change examines the creation of new systems of work and participation. The selections in this anthology include analyses by specialists in the social sciences as well as first person accounts by those who have helped to create some of these dynamic workplaces.


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Table of contents

Five separate sections explore workplace democracy from different perspectives. Part 1 identifies the organizational properties common to democratic workplaces. Part 2 examines the psychological impact of working within these organizations. Case studies of the larger, democratically managed organizations and the small, collectively controlled ones are presented in Parts 3 and 4, respectively. Part 5 considers the implementation of economic democracy in the American context and explores the far-reaching implications of workplace democracy for social change.

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