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$14.95, 384 pages, 1979

Gandhi as a Political Strategist: With Essays on Ethics and Politics, Gene Sharp

This important work probes Gandhi's complex mind and establishes him as an enduring strategist of conflict and change.

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Gandhi As A Political Strategist is unique in the extensive literature about this remarkable man. Gene Sharp portrays him as neither saint nor Mahatma, but as a shrewd, highly unorthodox political leader of movements for national liberation and social revolution.

"An all too rare combination of scholarly precision and readability..."-Coretta Scott King

"...[The book] should be read by all those who are -and especially those who aren't- interested in Gandhi, nonviolent alternatives, justice and survival."-Ann Morissett Davidon, The Progressive

"An important resource for teachers who are in the business of helping students examine both the need for and the process of change in our world."-Helen Garvey, S.N.J.M., Director, The World Education Center

"...[A] brilliant and scholarly work."-Kliatt

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