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Author’s Preface
Learning from a Century of Nonviolent Struggles ... 1

Acknowledgements ... 7

Part One
Empowerment by Capacity to Struggle

Chapter One
Facing Acute Conflicts ...13

Chapter Two
Tapping the Roots of Power ... 25

Chapter Three
An Active Technique of Struggle ... 39

Chapter Four
The Methods of Nonviolent Action ... 49

Part Two
Improvised Nonviolent Struggles
In the Twentieth Century

Introduction to the Cases ...69

Chapter Five
The Russian Revolution of 1905 ...71

Chapter Six
Defense against a Military Coup, Germany—1920 ... 91

Chapter Seven
Indian Independence Campaign—1930-1931... 101

Chapter Eight
The Muslim Pashtun Movement of the
North-West Frontier of India—1930-1934
    by Dr. Mohammad Raqib ... 113

Chapter Nine
Norwegian Teachers Fight Fascism—1942 ... 135

Chapter Ten
Saving Jewish Husbands in Berlin—1943
    by Dr. Nathan Stoltzfus ... 143

Chapter Eleven
Ousting a Guatemalan Dictator—1944 ... 149

Chapter Twelve
Ending Bus Segregation in Montgomery—1955-1956
    by Joshua Paulson ... 157

Chapter Thirteen
French Defense against an Army Coup—1961... 167

Chapter Fourteen
California Grape Workers’ Strike and
    by Hardy Merriman ... 173

Chapter Fifteen
Czech and Slovak Defiance of Invasion—1968-1969 ... 189

Chapter Sixteen
African Laborers Strike, Namibia—1971-1972 ... 205

Chapter Seventeen
Mothers of the Plaza De Mayo, Argentina—1977-1983
    by Joshua Paulson ... 217

Chapter Eighteen
Poland’s Self-Liberation—1980-1989
    by Joshua Paulson ... 223

Chapter Nineteen
School Boycotts in South Africa—1984-1987
    by Joshua Paulson ... 233

Chapter Twenty
People Power against the Philippine Dictator—1986
    by Joshua Paulson ... 239

Chapter Twenty-one
Burmese Defy the Military Dictators—1988-1990
    by Joshua Paulson ... 245

Chapter Twenty-two
Uprising and Repression in China—1989
    by Joshua Paulson ... 253

Chapter Twenty-three
The Liberation of Czechoslovakia—1989
    by Joshua Paulson ... 271

Chapter Twenty-four
Latvians Restore Independence—1991 277

Chapter Twenty-five
Blocking the Soviet Hard-Line Coup—1991
    by Joshua Paulson ... 287

Chapter Twenty-six
Defending Democracy in Thailand—1992
    by Christopher A. Miller ... 299

Chapter Twenty-seven
Removing the Dictator in Serbia—1996-2000
    by Joshua Paulson ... 315

Chapter Twenty-eight
Assessing These Diverse Cases ... 341

Part Three
The Dynamics of Nonviolent Struggle

Introduction to the Dynamics ... 359

Chapter Twenty-nine
Laying the Groundwork for Nonviolent Action ... 361

Chapter Thirty
Challenge Brings Repression ... 373

Chapter Thirty-one
Solidarity and Discipline to Fight Repression ... 387

Chapter Thirty-two
Noncooperation and Political Ju-Jitsu ... 397

Chapter Thirty-three
Four Ways Success May Be Achieved ... 415

Chapter Thirty-four
The Redistribution of Power ... 423

Part Four
Shaping the Future

Introduction to Strategic Planning ... 433

Chapter Thirty-five
Making Nonviolent Struggle More Effective ... 435

Chapter Thirty-six
First Steps in Strategic Planning ... 447

Chapter Thirty-seven
Some Strategic Guidelines ... 469

Chapter Thirty-eight
Conducting the Struggle ... 491

Chapter Thirty-nine
Applications of Nonviolent Struggle in the
Modern World
... 509


Appendix A
Preparing a Strategic Estimate
For Nonviolent Struggle ... 525

Appendix B
Glossary ... 543

Appendix C
Preparing Translations on Nonviolent Struggle ... 553

Appendix D
Sources for Further Reading ... 567

Index ...  569


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